Estimator Program Instructions

STEP 1 key in the qty. needed of each component in column E on components page this will select that item to be sent to the build page.
find the components you need by mfr. by selecting the appropriate tab, or
select the components tab (blue tab) where you can click on mfr. or component to find your part# quicker

STEP 2 when selections are complete go to Build tab (orange tab) and hit the REFRESH button

STEP 3 hit the PRINT button for a record of your parts

STEP 4 hit the CLEAR button to erase your selections and go back to STEP 1

Control panel which is the page you will see when you run or open program. From this page you can click on the components page, build page, and manufacturers. You can also use the tabs at bottom of all pages to go to different pages. This is is MS Excel program so if you are familiar with Excel you will know how this works.

FIGURE #1 Control Panel
Above is a quick start instruction on getting started.  From Control panel  you can go to different pages in estimator. A manufacturer list is on the left side of control panel. Click on any one of the names of a manufacturer and go to that page. You can see the control panel on the right (Figure 1).                                                                                             

Instructions. There are drop down boxes at the top of each column. These columns will list all items in that column if they are checked all items will show on your page. You can un-check the items and check one item and that is all that will show on that page.  This is helpful when only looking for one type component or part, such as a guide. Check guides and all that will show on page is guides.                                                                                                                                                                                         

To place an item on the build page
, you simply place a quantity in the column where there is a (0). Example you place a (1), Now that item will be added to the build page and the price and description will also show on the list of parts to estimate your rod build on the build page. The Build page is your estimator. This page shows all components and parts chosen. It will show a price and at the bottom show a total for all items added.                                                                                                                                                                                               

The components page has all information that is in the data base on this page. To make it more simple to find a component or part there are also manufacturer tabs at the bottom of this program. You can open a tab of the manufacture and it will show all items for that manufacturer on page.                                                      

Since there are 10,000 items in this data base it will be easier to use with the functions of selecting just the part you are looking for on each page, rather than looking at everything and having to scroll up and down. On the components page there are drop down boxes for each column. In (Figure 2 ) you can see how all the manufactures are listed in drop down list. You will notice all check boxes are checked. All boxes that are check is what will show on page. If you uncheck a box the item will not show on page.

Since this is only a trial version there are only a small amount of data for each manufacturer to use as a demo. The full version has over 8,000 parts and components from many manufacturers and distributors. There are all the components and parts to build any type custom rod. By placing a quantity in the box that is in the row of that part will place this part into the build page for creating the estimate of a custom rod. If the quantity is larger than the number 10 the program will create an error. This program is design to build one custom rod at a time. About the only parts that will have multiple quantities will be Guides and trim parts. So the true quantity should never need to be more than 10.

There are tabs across the bottom on each page. Click on any tab to go to that page. You can use each page the same as using the components page. Place a quantity in desired parts or component and this will add it to the build page. There are arrow keys on the left corner of tabs. These keys will toggle from one tab to another going from left to right or right to left. All right or all left. If you don't see the tab you are looking for it may be off screen. Toggle right or left until you see tab you are looking for.  This is a MS Excel Program. So in some instance you need more help you can go to MS Excel help to learn more.

Estimator Build Page

This is where all data is added to come up with a parts list for the custom rod you are estimating

Prices in this program are based on 2015 pricing.

All estimate reports can be saved and copied to a file of your choosing.


In (Figure 3 ) you can see how the build page looks before any items are added.

In (Figure 4 ) you can see how the build page looks before with items added.


FIGURE #2 Components Page
In figure #2 you can see a drop down box that shows all items in this column. This is the manufacture column being shown. There are check boxes beside each name, you can uncheck these boxes  and the only items that will display will be the items checked. This is good for when you are only looking for guides and the are many different item on a page. You can go to the column the has components and select for example guides. Only guides will display on page. So what ever is checked in these drop down boxes is what will display on page. The program is defaulted to all boxes checked when you first open program.

All programs can be saved just like any MS program. So you might want to make a master (Clean Copy) Before saving any programs. You can save as many as you have disc space for.

(A) Refresh button places all item with quantity on build page.
(B) Print button will print this page.
(C) Clear will remove all changes and make all quantities zero.
(D) Manufacturer name.
(E) Component or part type.
(F) Part Number.
(G) Quantity selected.
(H) Price of part or component.
(I ) Total build price.
 Empty Build Page

FIGURE #4  Build page

Above is a screen shot showing buttons on the build page.
(Refresh) clears all chosen data and places everything back to (0) in quantity.                                                           
code  ( 3 3 4 7 1 2 )
(Print) will send and print the report of your custom rod build.
(Clear) adds item to the build report.

On build page (Main estimator page) This is where all components and parts are listed that have been
chosen from data and place into estimator. This report will show manufacturer, part number, description,
and price. In the full version there will be an added feature where you will be able to add you own
parts and components. Wraps and Weaves. Labor. And what ever you want to add to the data base.
To add to the data base there has to be a part number placed into the part number column. This number
can be any number and letter combination. (SEE FULL VERSION INFORMATION FOR MORE DETAILS).

Printing report
Report will print and look just like it does on screen. This will be a finished estimate of components and
parts that have been chosen from pages.

In the case of guides, tips, grips, handles, trim parts and reel seats, there will pictures that you can see.
By clicking on part number. (if high lighted in blue) you will be taking to an open explorer page to view
picture of part or component. (Not available with trial)

Parts and Component pages
When you open the components page you will see all components and parts that is the over all database. When you
go to a manufacturer page you only see the parts and components of that manufacturer.
Some of the tabs are distributors. This will show specific parts and components of that distributor.
For instance MHX is Mudhole's blank. So it may be listed in MHX or it may be listed in Mudhole.

All pricing in this program is based on research from 2015. In the full version there will be away to
update pricing by a percentage added to a re-new all data. This will be set up so all you have to do
is add a number in a box and summit to change database with a click of a button. So if you want a
1 percent increase you would place a 1 in box and click reset. 1% will be added to all price in database.

Once you have practiced with a couple of builds in this program you will find that it is very simple to use.
Just by changing a zero to a number takes that item to the build page. It is that simple. Go to build page
refresh page and estimator will show total parts and price on one page. ( See figure 4 ).
There is a My Build page where you can add your own items to the program and have this become part of the program. 

On this page you can high light the wording in cell and type your new information. You can change the part number also by high lighting and typing new number. Caution (This program will quit working if there is not a part number for each item). NEVER CHANGE THE QUANTITY COLUMN ZEROS BY TYPING WORDS IN THIS COLUMN, OTHER THAN CHOOSING A REAL NUMBER QUANTITY BETWEEN 1 AND 10. This is not an inventory program the quantity column is used to create the build and can only be used as intended. This program uses several function within columns to operate. By moving are changing certain formats program may stop working. Only change information in the cells where you are to instructed to add information. You can continue to use part number that is there are change part number.










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